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Choke Valve Application

Application features:

  • Choke valve sizing offers two unique valve design
  • Offer choke valve sizing for different types of assosiated gas
  • Calculate fuild properties with inbuilt module
  • Offer complete range of flow pipe selection
  • Determine the piping profile with inbuilt module
  • Determine valve pressure drop and fitting losses
  • Determine flow regime
  • Calculate flow rate in various UOM
  • Calculate choke valve outlet temperature and Joule Thomson effect
  • Determine pipe and valve velocity profile
  • Determine pipe and valve Mac#
  • Determine sonic flow and velocity conditions
  • Evaluate flow critical conditions
  • Determine the choke valve maximum flow capacity
  • Determine complete vlave charachteristics profile
  • Determine complete flow profile through choke valve
  • Program warns user for incorrect inputs and possible erros
  • Indicate succesful calculation completion status