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Natural Gas Compressibility 'Z', Density and Viscosity

Pressure of Gas 'P' (Psig)   Warning Messages !    
Temperature of Gas 'T' (degF)  
Specific gravity of Gas 'gr'                  
Mol %age of H2S                  
Mol %age of CO2  

How to use the application

  • Beggs and Brill Compressibility equation is applied
  • Enter valid pressure value in psig
  • Enter valid temprature value in deg F
  • Enter valid specific gravity value
  • Enter valid mol %age values of CO2, N2 and H2S. Enter '0' if not present in the mix gas
  • Press 'Calculate' button then application will calculate gas compressibility, density and viscosity in results
  • Press 'Example' button to reset to default inputs and learn how inputs should be provided
  • Application will also calculate pseudocritical pressure and temperature values
  • There are various other techniques and procedures to calculate gas properties
  • For more extended features and options please review the application available on the site
Mol %age of N2      
Pseudocritical Pressure 'Pc' (Psia)      
Pseudocritical Temperature 'Tc' (degR)      
Pseudo-reduced Temperature  'Tr'      
Pseudo-reduced Pressure 'Pr'      
Factor 'A'      
Factor 'B'      
Factor 'C'                  
Factor 'D'                  
Factor 'E'                  
Factor 'F'                  
Compressibility 'Z'                  
Molecular weight of gas 'MW'                  
Density of gas 'Rho' (lbm/ft3)                  
Viscosity of gas 'Mue' (Cp)