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Natural Gas Hydrates and Water Contents

    Application features:
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Natural gas hydrate formation temperature and water contents are important parameters to be calculated and known by engineers for smooth operation of gas flow in pipeline, gas dehydration and cryogenic conditions. This is a simple yet comprehensive application to estimate the hydrate formation temperature and water contents of the gas. This application is requries selecting the desired model from the given set of all governing and available methods to determine the gas properties. Inputs related to pressure and temperature needs to be provided by users. By selecting each of the available option from the given model the allowable limit of temperature and pressure of that particular model will be displayed automatically next to the fields to indicate the user about the limitation of each model. Also, gas gravity, mol fractions of H2S, CO2 and salt content of the gas are to be provided by users. Then by pressing the calculate button results will be displayed in the result section.