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Pressure Relief Valve [Thermal Relief]

  Application Features:
Price: $ 30 USD    
Purchase this application through secure PayPal channel. After purchase a link will be sent to your provided e-mail to dowload the application. The application will be downloaded in Zip format. A complete package include application setup file and application manual.   Thermal relief valve application is developed to size a PSV for a unique service of thermal relief in pipeline. Often pipeline carry hydrocarbon fluid that has tendency to expand exponentially due to thermal gradient leading to rise in pressure above the design pressure of pipeline. To prevent pipeline rupture a thermal relief valve is mandatory to be installed on the pipeline. This application determines based on the process information if thermal expansion could result in excessive rise in pressure. Application accurately determines the actual volume of liquid relief and recommended orifice size of PSV during thermal expansion from pipeline. Application contains two section that is; inputs section where user need to provide necessary process information and by pressing ‘Calculate’ button calculation is performed and results displayed in the result section.