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Regression Analysis

  Quadratic Equation Solver for X vs Y plot;  Y = A + BX + CX^2    
Cal. Y
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  Coefficient 'A'
  Coefficient 'B'
  Coefficient 'C'
  Mean of 'X'
  Mean of 'Y'
  Coefficient 'R'

Coefficient R guide:

0.7 - 1: strong correlation

0.4 - 0.7: moderate correlation

0.2 - 0.4: weak correlation

0 - 0.2: no correlation


How to use the application:

  • This application is use to digitize X vs Y curve drawn by Quadratic equation
  • Enter the 'X' values
  • Enter 'Y' values
  • Press 'calculate' button
  • Coefficients of the Quadratic equation will be calculated
  • Calculated 'Y' values for the given 'X' values will be calculated to compare the program accuracy
  • Coefficient 'R' will be calculated that shows the relationship between 'X' and 'cal. Y' values
  • A graph will be drawn for given 'X' and 'Y' values and 2nd graph between 'X' and 'cal. Y' values
  • Program warns about all possible errors
  • A separate program is devloped for regression analysis of more differential equations, please visit the application area