Centrifugal Compressor Performance Curves


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Application features:

Compressor performance curve applications is developed to determine the actual performance of centrifugal compressor based on site conditions and fluid however, when vendor has provided the rated performance data of compressor. Most of the cases in real world compressor often perform in widely varying site conditions due to operation requirements and demand. Then it is very important to predict the performance of compressor under site conditions to operate the compressor within the limits.

This applications help engineers to estimate the and predict the actual performance of compressor when expected to operate at various operating conditions and to determine the flow, discharge pressure, head, discharge temperature and power requirements.

User will provide the required inputs in the main applications window. Then by pressing calculate button all calculations are performed. Compressor profiles for vendor data and site conditions are calculated for each speed value of compressor given by the user. Calculated graphs of multiple compressor performance including the stone wall curve and surge curve are shown in dedicated sections. Application comes with manual to elaborate how to use the software.