K Factor Calculations


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Application features:

In fluid hydraulic calculations, flow resistance coefficient is the key variable to be calculated to determine the pressure drop.  There are various types of fittings and valves normally used in the piping system and each type has different value of K depending on the size and internal body casting. This software is developed with great precision to calculate the K factor for all types of known fittings in the piping system. This is a complete package consisting of four sets of screens each can be pulled up from the drop down menu on the title bar of the program. This program is very simple to use and Engineers can obtain the results with little inputs without manual calculations of lengthy equations.

User can print and save the results into a PDF file and access the application manual from Help menu.

An introductory demonstration of this software is available online at www.petrosof.com

Software is compatible to install and run on Windows 95-2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.