Venturi Nozzle [ISO 5167-1]


Purchase this application through secure online payment channel. After purchase. The application will be downloaded in Zip format. A complete software installation package including application setup file and application manual is provided with download.


Application features:

Software is developed with great accuracy according to ISO standard procedure for liquid and gas flow measurement. Program is very user’s friendly containing two main section a) The input section to provide site conditions and b) result section where a detailed calculation of flow measuring device displayed. Program calculates mass flow rate and volumetric flow at standard conditions, flowing/site conditions and local site base conditions. Nozzle dimensions are also displayed on the screen for ready reference.

Users are prompted about the limitations of the programs in the message bar on the screen. User can print the results into a PDF file and access the application manual from help menu.

An introductory demonstration of this software is available online at

Software is compatible to install and run on Windows 95-2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.