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Welcome to & accept our sincere gratitude. We at Petrosof, offer you to buy challenging and most demanding Chemical Engineering applications. Here you can find variety of Chemical Engineering applications to perform process engineering calculations required in operations and engineering field of oil and gas plants.
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Premium Softwares

Steam System, Boilers, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbine Compressors, Centrifugal Compressors, HRSGs, Turbo-Expander Re-Compressor, Evaporators, Control Valves, Choke Valves, PSVs, Oil and Gas Separators and many more technical softwares

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Lines of code

Applications are developed with high accuracy and efficient programming language. High quality GUI and calculation precision is maintained by incorporating API, ASME, ANSI and various engineering design codes and standards procedures, equations and methods.

Our Aim

We at Petrosof aim to bring accuracy, precision, and standard procedures to your table in the form of exceptional Chemical Engineering solutions.

Thought Behind Petrosof

Oil and Gas is a tough sector that looks forward to advanced software capable of producing an accurate output during process engineering. Process engineering is all about accuracy, precision, calculations, engineering codes, standard procedures, equations, and methods.  

Thanks to technological advancements for embodying all these requirements. These parameters, when combined together, bring forward the software that Petrosof deals in. 

What exactly does Petrosof deal in?

Petrosof is the only digital platform that deals in highly calculated and premium software. The development of this exceptionally calculated software is based on a massive experience of more than 20 years in the Oil and Gas sector. These software, therefore, perform a leading role in calculations involved in process engineering.
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We offer more than 90 high-end software capable of performing calculations practically in oil and gas plants and fields. Our software are used in Steam System, Steam Turbines Boilers, Evaporators, Control Valves, PSVs, Turbo-Expander, Re-Compressors, HRSGs, Oil and Gas Separators, Choke Valves, and more.

Why Petrosof?

Our applications are premium for many reasons. Since process engineering requires accuracy and precision in the first place, we guarantee developed applications with particular emphasis on high accuracy and efficient programming language. API, ASME, ANSI, and other notable engineering design codes, procedures, and equations are utilized to produce the software epitome of accuracy and high-quality GUI.

Software by Petrosof are user-friendly, with a throttling speed, and are avidly responsive. Find a variety of these premium applications to get done with complex calculations in oil and gas plants in no time.
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Meet the Brain Behind Petrosof

Introducing Muhammad Imran Aslam! A chemical Engineer sporting an extensive experience of more than 20 years in Engineering Design and Operation in the Oil and Gas sector. It's since 2007 when he started developing complex and premium engineering applications. The unavailability of a platform like Petrosof became a reason for establishing it, and then there was no looking back. Petrosof today is an ideal platform that offers services in the form of software best for process engineering. We guarantee services that no other platform can provide.

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Chemical Engineering Software
Chemical Engineering Software
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Engineering calculation software
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The site offers you an opportunity to get challenging and most demanding Chemical Engineering calculation softwares. Variety of tools are offered to be download and use for quick and efficient desk calculations.

AutoCAD 3D modeling!

We develop exquisite, versatile and attractive 3D house models. You can find variety of 3D house elevations displayed on site, developed for international customers. You are welcome to advice a custom design 3D house plan and elevation drawings according to your requirement.

Software Development and Support

We develop most challenging Chemical Engineering applications to fulfill the needs of Process Engineers to perform process engineering calculations. Based on our 20+ years of oil and gas plant experience, we have developed over 90+ softwares covering a wide range of process engineering application. All applications are available on website, ready to purchase and download.

Future Plans!

To simply merge the knowledge of oil and gas plant operation and process design with computer knowledge by developing efficient computer applications to serve the Chemical Engineering professionals around the world.

Chemical Engineering Mobile Applications!

In fast growing digital world of mobiles and computer, mobile Chemical Engineering applications will be launched and shared on the website to the professionals around the world.

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