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To bring Process Engineering solutions to your disposal, Petrosof clusters various pump-related software in the PUMPs category.  This category includes applications for Centrifugal Pump Modeling, Centrifugal Pump Performance Curves, and the Total Dynamic Head of the Pump.Pumps Calculator Software is just a click away at www.Petrosof.com.  Proceeding with the first application, let’s unveil the details of Centrifugal Pump Modeling Software.

Centrifugal Pump Modeling Software

Before unfolding the details of Centrifugal pump modeling software, it’s better to understand what Centrifugal Pump modeling is. Further, we will discuss its use and advantages to understand the application’s usefulness by Petrosof thoroughly.

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Centrifugal Pump Modeling

Pumps make an essential part of any industry, which is an absolute fact. To be more precise, centrifugal pumps are mechanical devices that play a significant role in many sectors involving fluids like Oil and Gas.

This mechanical equipment transports fluid from the source to the destination. Depending upon many factors, centrifugal pumps are thus responsible for performing the job technically and efficiently.

Further elaborating, the transport depends upon a flawless pump mode. This model ensures the job is according to the set standards and procedures.

The real challenge thus, in this case, is to determine that exact pump model, and this is where Petrosof is the best mate. Petrosof brings you convenient solutions in the form of its apps.

The Pump calculator Software is one best applications to help you with Pump modeling.

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The Pump Calculation Software— The Ultimate Solution for Centrifugal Pump Remodeling


Manufacturers, designers, and engineers can use this software to design a centrifugal pump with ultimate precision and accuracy. This application can help define a pump’s boundaries, dimensions, and specifications for a designated system. Not only this, you can generate the pump performance curves through this software.  

How to Use Pumps Calculation Software

Using this application is super easy. You can simply start by selecting a basic pump design from the number of options already given. The next step is to press the calculate button at the end. Once the button is pressed, a complete design configuration and performance curves will be generated. The software also allows you to vary the inputs to achieve a desired configuration. Once your desired profile is generated, you can order the pump to supply you a pump with particular performance curves and other parameters. This application also provides the user with a complete analysis other than performance curves. It includes Pump losses, velocity triangles, and motor performance curves in graphic and tabulated form. 

Total Dynamic Head of Pump Application

Starting with the basics, we will first elaborate on the total dynamic head of pump.The total dynamic head of a pump in a system refers to the total amount of pressure when a fluid flows in a pump or system. It consists of two parts.

  • Vertical rise
  • Friction loss

These two factors, when calculated, give you the value of the total dynamic head of the pump. In turn, the total dynamic head pump is calculated to determine the correct sizing and scale of your pumping equipment required in the system. So to get a precise result and determine accurate pumping equipment, another Pumps calculation software is the Total Head of Pump Application by petrosof. 

Let’s explore the features of this incredible application.

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Total Dynamic Head of Pump App— The State-of-the-Art Software

The purpose of this app is already mentioned, so we will move toward how it works. The application generates accurate results using the friction factor calculations and the resistance coefficient of the piping components.  The application also generates curves to explain the results vividly. Besides these commonly used and essential factors, the app uses thirteen more factors to serve the purpose. Other than these thirteen factors, some more mainstream factors, like methods of fitting resistance coefficient and calculations, are also used. 

Employing plenty of these specific factors, the application thus gives a complete analysis and provides detailed results of the entire pump system. The details start from suction to the discharge side and provide an overall analysis in both graphical and tabulated forms.  The app is user-friendly. Enter all the data in the input section and generate results by clicking the button at the end. This app by Petrosof can run and install on Windows 95-2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

To assist the users, a video tutorial for running these software is available on www.Petrosof.com.