Separator Design

Separator design is a software category by Petrosof that contains a plethora of Separator Calculation Software. Each of these applications serves important functions in Oil and Gas industry.

Before we discuss the applications, we will briefly explain the separator and its function.

Oil and Gas Separators

Oil and gas separators are equipment with a significant role in the industry. These vessels separate the fluid components of gas and oil well streams into gaseous and liquid components.  

To cut shore the laborious operation and calculations involved in dealing with separators, the Petrosof Separator calculator software are life-saving.  Besides these, the apps are a pro at determining specific parameters.

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Horizontal Three Phase Separator with Boot

Horizontal three phase separator has a huge use in offshore and onshore oil and gas industries. It is used for separating the constituents of oil, water, and gas. The determine the inlet and outlet sizing parameters, this application by Petrosof is the best option.

This app guarantees accuracy and precision as it’s built after an extensive workout on complex iterative equations.

The applications can accurately measure other parameters besides sizing simultaneously. These include demister pad, residence time, hold up time, and separate weight and pressure ratings.

Other than these, respective alarm set points and liquid levels at low, normal, and high points are also determined.

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Horizontal Three Phase Separator with Bucket and Weir

This separator calculation software is designed for the three phase separator with a bucket and weir. This app is used to determine different parameters of three phase assembly accurately. 

These parameters include inlet and outlet sizing, residence time, hold up time, and demister pad. Besides, respective alarm set points, separate weight and pressure ratings, and different liquid levels at various points are also determined.

Horizontal Three Phase Separator with Weir

With a more extensive gas-liquid interface than vertical separators, the horizontal three phase separator with weir is crucial in industry. It separates the oil and gas by inciting a mechanical process. This state-of-the-art process design software thus performs the job by determining various parameters required during the process mentioned above. These are the demister pad, respective alarm set points, inlet, and outlet nozzle sizing, separate weight and pressure ratings, and more. This app is accurate and generates flawless results because it is developed after working on complex iterative equations for extended periods.

The user-friendly application ensures convenience. Enter the required inputs and generate accurate and precise results in no time.

Horizontal Three Phase Separator without Bucket and Weir

Fueled by accuracy and precision, this application by Petrosof is a great determiner. Three-phase separators are used in Oil and Gas industry to sieve the components in associated gas. 

To do this job, you need to determine various parameters. And this is what this software does for you. You can determine a number of parameters like inlet and outlet nozzle sizing, residence time, hold up time, and many others. 

To do so, you must enter a set of inputs. There are many, but we will name some for an idea. These are vapor density, temperature, pressure, heavy liquid rate, and others completing the set of inputs. Once done, press the calculate button to instantly produce the results.

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Horizontal Two Phase Separator

You may wonder if the oil and gas sector is exclusively about oil and gas, but no! This industry can deal with many things like liquid/liquid separation or large gas/liquid ratio fluids. This is where a horizontal two phase separator works. Petrosof brings you software with the same name to deal with the equipment and determine different parameters. This is a top-notch precise Separator Calculation Software that helps professionals calculate parameters in no time. It has been built after thorough research and solving complex iterative equations. 

Oil Skimmer Design

Oil is exclusive in an Oil and Gas facility. As a matter of fact, water is used in various processes too. This water is stored in the large tank, but the residual oil somehow makes it to the water’s surface and floats over. Oil skimmers are used to skim this oil from the top of the water’s surface. 

Oil Skimmer design is a process design calculator software used to determine the size and design of the required skimmer.Precision is a promised characteristic since this app was built after extensive research.The application helps you select a skimmers design from the three most typical designs. These designs are;

  • Horizontal Cylindrical Skimmer
  • Horizontal Rectangular API Skimmer
  • Vertical Skimmer

Slug Catcher Sizing

Slug is a by-product in the oil and gas industry. A slug catcher is an equipment that separates slugs from the oil. The orientation of the slug catcher is tricky. Its orientation becomes challenging for engineers when determining the volume of liquid inventory inside.

Slug catcher sizing is process design calculator software that precisely determines the correct volume of the slug catcher.

With a simple interface, the software demands input values. Calculate once done with entering the values, and results are quickly generated.

Storage Tank Volume

Storage Tank Volume is a precise software developed by Petrosof to determine the storage tank’s volume design and inventory. It calculates the tank’s volume at different levels and total capacity. This software is developed using intelligent mathematical differential equations. Users can determine different kinds of tank designs using this app. Some of the most common types include;

  • Elliptical Tank
  • Frustum Tank
  • Conical Tank
  • Spherical Tank

Vertical Three Phase Separator

Vertical three-phase separators segregate the water, oil, and gas coming along in an inflow fluid. Determining separator sizing and other parameters often requires more work to filter the components mentioned above accurately.

The vertical three phase separator is a separator calculation software by Petrosof to solve the issues. 

Developed by solving complex iterative equations, this software is exact. It is user-friendly with a simpler interface. Once you enter the required inputs in the fields, it will generate the results in considerably less time compared to other systems.

Vertical Two Phase Separator

Separating gases from liquids, vertical two phase separators are a crucial part of the oil and gas industry.  It is essential to determine certain parameters to make the vertical two-phase separators work at their best. This application does that job— Determining multiple parameters to make out the most of two phase separators.These can determine inlet/outlet nozzle sizing, residence time, hold up time, and many others.

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