Centrifugal Pump Performance Curves Application

Before we dive deep into the details of this phenomenal application by Petrosof, understanding basic terms and equipment is a prerequisite.

Centrifugal Pump

A centrifugal pump is a mandatory piece of equipment in Process/ Chemical Engineering. These are the mechanical devices used to transport the fluid from source to destination. This transportation is efficiently done by increasing the fluid pressure.

The selection of this pump thus requires serious consideration and expertise. To serve this purpose, Petrosof brings the Centrifugal Pump Performance Curves application. But before we describe the features and performance of the application, we must highlight the performance curves and why we need them.

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Centrifugal Pumps and Oil and Gas Industry

Centrifugal pumps are a part of many industrial setups. However, their use in Oil and Gas industry is critical. The oil and gas sector itself is exclusive, and so is the use of centrifugal pumps. 

Centrifugal pumps have an extensive role in the upstream, midstream, or downstream oil industry. For instance, in the upstream oil industry, the pumps are required to lift the fluid from the wellbore and deliver it to the separation system.

Such a crucial operation must be done with calculated circumstances considering the fluid’s viscosity and the pump’s geometry. 

To play safer, the Petrosof application is at your disposal.  

Centrifugal Pumps and Oil and Gas Industry | petrosof | June, 2024

Performance Curves— Why do we need them?

A performance curve enables you to determine a pump’s ability to produce flow under circumstances that otherwise affect a pump’s performance if not adequately monitored.  The generated curve can be read based on the application variables. These two main variables are

  • Head (Water Pressure)
  • Flow (the volume of the liquid that must be moved in the designated time)

As mentioned earlier, Centrifugal Pumps play a lead role in the process industry. When working on-site, for instance, in the Oil and Gas sector, you exclusively work with fluids of different viscosity and consistency.  Meanwhile, we need to transport them from source to destination, which is what a pump does. Now comes the question, which pumps to select? And this is where Centrifugal performance curves come to your saving.

These curves help you with centrifugal pump modeling. These curves help you evaluate the system and select an appropriate model.

Centrifugal Pump Performance Curves Application by Petrosof– Product Details

This application is designed to facilitate engineers’ work, particularly in the Oil and Gas sector. This app generates a complete profile picture of the pump. It includes the graphic details about the pump head, discharge pressure, water horsepower, brake horsepower, temperature rise n the pump impeller, and the proposed system curves at which a specific centrifugal pump should operate.

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What comes along with the application?

Petrosof offers you a complete package. Dealing online, the application is available for sale via a safe online payment mode. Once purchased, the application is ready for download in Zip format.  The app includes,

  • A complete software installation package
  • Application setup file
  • Application manual

Using this application, you get a variety of curves that help you finalize the type of pump required for the task.  You get the pump performance curve provided by the vendor being a part of the original performance data. Besides this, you get the pump’s performance curve with new fluid. The app isn’t just restricted to the two kinds of curves mentioned above. You further get the required curves necessary for identifyoing the performance of the new pump design with the new fluid. This happens when you are done testing your new fluid in the original pump after the standard fluid. Here you get a modified design, an improved pump version for the desired fluid. 

Moreover, you get a modified pump design performance curve with new fluid. Utilizing all these curves, you finally reach the decisive system curve that decides the fate of the centrifugal pump.

Compatibility of the App and Different Operating Systems

Considering the compatibility factors, Petrosof applications are thoughtfully designed. This application is compatible with a number of operating systems. The app is super fluent and is compatible with installing and running on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Video Tutorial of the Application

Petrosof is a professional platform. We at Petrosof ensure the provision of quality products besides maximum facilitation. We have provided an introductory demonstration of this state-of-the-art software on our website to facilitate you. 

The video tutorial gives you a better insight into how the application actually works.

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