Centrifugal Compressor and Gas Turbine Performance Curves

Petrosof is the house of excellence. Striving to provide you with practical applications, we design analytical, technical, and handy tools. One such software that decreases your workload many times is the Centrifugal Compressor and Gas Turbines Performance Curves app. This app ensures the generation of accurate Compressor Performance Curves

Before we discuss our core software, we will first elaborate on the centrifugal pump and gas turbine. The collaboration of centrifugal pump and gas turbine and the use of the software will be then discussed.  

Let’s grasp the basic understanding of centrifugal compressors and their role in a gas turbine.

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Centrifugal Compressor and Gas Turbine

These equipment are the must-haves in Oil and Gas industries. A gas turbine is committed to transporting gas across long distances. Meanwhile, this transport requires some sort of heat energy to build y the pressure needed for transportation. Unlike centrifugal pumps that move liquids, centrifugal compressors carry gases.

The centrifugal compressor thus fuels the gas turbine. It not only helps move the gas but also provides the gas in the turbine with the required kinetic energy or velocity. It does so when passing through the impeller. It is crucial to determine the right pressure that a turbine demands for an efficient flow.  

 Manual calculations to determine this pressure by the centrifugal pump in a gas turbine are thus tedious.  To overcome this problem,  Compressor performance curves emerge as the right solution. The software takes the entire toll on itself. Moreover, the software is much more accurate and precise than human calculations. Human calculations have possible chances of error. 

Petrosof presents the Centrifugal Compressor and Gas Turbine Curves app to determine these performance curves for compressors. Make the centrifugal compressor and gas turbine calculation prompt with this app.

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Centrifugal Compressor and Gas Turbine Curves— The Right App to Create the Right Curves

The incredible Platform by the name Petrosof simplifies your laborious calculations. The graphics and tabulated results generated by software designed by petrosof are fantastic and accurate.  Centrifugal compressor, gas turbine, and HRSG simultaneously work together in a system to generate the desired output. This output depends upon many parameters, like OEM-provided design and more.  

Since the working conditions vary from site to site, the performance of centrifugal compressors can also vary. Meanwhile, it’s utterly essential for the compressor to perform within the set limits. It is, therefore, crucially important to predict the compressor’s performance under site conditions. The software makes this prediction in the form of compressor performance curves.

Using this application by Ptrosof, you can efficiently determine the desired curves. In other words, you can estimate the actual performance of centrifugal compressors under varying conditions. The generation of these curves will help the user determine the flow, discharge pressure, head discharge, temperature, and power requirements.

How to Use the App? — Simple Operation

The user must enter the required input values in the main window n the app. This step is followed by pressing the Calculate button. Once pressed, the calculations will be instantly performed. Users can also calculate compressor profiles for vendor data and site conditions for each speed value using this application. The generated results represent a variety of curves in the dedicated sections. These include the stone wall curves and surge curves.

What Do We Offer? —App Details and Availability

Centrifugal Compressor and Gas Turbine performance Curves software comes with a manual. The manual further explains the software running in the most straightforward language. A practical video demonstration on the app is also available at www. Petrosof.com. It aims to facilitate the users about centrifugal compressor and gas turbine calculation.

You can purchase this app online. We ensure a secure payment mode. The application is downloaded in a Zip format. It is a complete software package containing the application setup file and manual.

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The Software and Operating Systems Compatibility

Customer facilitation and satisfaction is Petrosof’s ultimate goal. To achieve its goal, Petrosof ensures to construct and design software compatible with a variety of operating systems.

The Centrifugal Compressor and Gas Turbine performance Curves app is compatible with many operating systems, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. 

These systems allow the easy installation and running of this app on your system.

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