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Understanding the importance of compressors in any Process industry, Petrosof has designed numerous applications.

This category deals in compressor calculation software. The software included in this category are Compressor Settle Out, Turboexpnader Recompressor, Centrifugal Compressor and Gas Turbine Performance Curves, and Centrifugal Compressor Performance Curves.

Compressor Settle Out— Basic Concept

Before we discuss the Petrosof application, it’s vital to grasp the basicunderstanding. Centrifugal Compressors are the critical components of any offshore Oil and Gas. 

These are used to transport gas under high pressure. Since Oil and Gas and other Chemical industries are complex, an emergency shutdown is inevitable. Unlike an emergency shutdown, a normal compressor shutdown follows a protocol. But during an emergency shutdown, the compressor trips first—followed by an anti-surge valve. This causes the mixing of gas contents at the discharge and suction sides.  These thus equalize and settle out. This equilibrium pressure is called settle out pressure.

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Product Description

Since manual calculations are cumbersome and complex, Petrosof brings you the compressor calculator software. This application helps you calculate the compressor’s settle-out pressure with greater precision and accuracy in no time. This software works with particular emphasis on determining settle out pressure within the compressor piping loop in case of an emergency shutdown.

This app utilizes the basic concept and calculates the pressure to avoid unnecessary system flaring. It is the expected situation when an emergency shutdown happens. It particularly calculates the maximum high-pressure gas trapped in the system that can cause the flair by using accurate algorithm. Using this app, the user must use the site conditions and piping particulars as input. Once the information is entered, pressing the calculate button wi instantly generate the results.

The limitations of the software are displayed on the message bar on the screen.

compressor calculator software

Compatibility of Compressor Calculation Software with Different Operating Systems

To facilitate you to the bets, Petrosof ensures the developing of software that can run on various operating systems. You can use this application on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8

Video Tutorial

 video demonstration of the application working is available at www.

The Complete Package

Users can download this software in Zip format. It contains a complete software installation package, including the application manual and application setup file.

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Turboexpander Recompressorssors

Before going into the product details, we will first understand what a Turboexpander Recompressor is. 

It is a component of the Oil and Gas Industry with a crucial role. The Turboexpander refers to an axial flow or centrifugal turbine that produces work by expanding high-pressure gas. This high-pressure gas is used to drive the generator or compressor. 

This component has a role in many important tasks, such as power generation.  It also makes it possible to figure out or capture the energy losses in natural gas refineries and facilities. 

It is, therefore, essential to generate performance curves for the turboexpander recompressor to model the natural gas system and more.

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Product Description

This compressor calculation software is developed by Petrosof using accurate algorithms to model essential curves and generate the prerequisites required for an efficient system run. The software uses algorithms to efficiently produce results more accurately than hand-produced ones. 

 Since the turboexpander is highly specialized equipment that works with natural gas, it is essential to generate crucial and significant data with a high degree of precision and accuracy. 

This product does it all and generates modeling of the natural gas systems, recovery, and performance curves for compressors.

It is a simple compressor calculator software that requires the user to enter the input information, press the calculate button, and generate the results. Utilizing unique controls, the software ensures solid results. 

The limitations of the software are displayed on the message bar on the screen.

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