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Oil and Gas industries are dealing with complex operations. Besides, this industry is extensive. Various equipment are loaded in such workplaces to handle the technical handling and disposal of resources like oil and gas.

One such piece of equipment is the orifice. Petrosof brings you a whole range of Orifice Calculation Software. The applications included in this category are Conical Corner Tap Orifice, Eccentric Corner Tap Orifice, Eccentric Flange Tap Orifice, and Quarter Corner Tap orifice.

Before we discuss each of these applications, it’s better to go for the basic concept of the orifice, orifice flow, and why we determine it.

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Conical Corner Tap Orifice [BS 1042]

Conical Corner Tap Orifice is an orifice calculator software developed according to the BS Standard Procedures. It works efficiently with fluids flow in small pipe diameters. The software generates accurate results if the inputs are carefully entered. You must enter the inputs in two sections and then click the calculate button. The results are displayed after a while.

The two input sections are Site Conditions and Fluid Properties.

The Site Conditions include Base Temperature, Base Pressure, Latitude(degrees), Elevation, Ambient Water Temperature, Ambient Air Temperature, Relative Air Humidity, Pipe and Orifice Size, Pipe Size D, Pipe Schedule, and Pipe Material. Others include Orifce Size(d) and Orifice Material. There is a separate section of Transmitter Data where you must enter the required specifications. Some fluid properties used in calculating the orifice flow are Specific Gravity, Viscosity, and more.

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What is Orifice Flow and Why Do We Determine It?

The orifice is a plate typically with a round hole in the center. It is inserted in the line when working with fluids like oil and gas. It works as a fixed throttle to generate a head loss. The resulting head loss determines the volume or mass rate o flow during flow metering. Since the oil and gas industry is already about fluid handling, the orifice flow is critical to determine.

Eccentric Flange Tap Orifice [BS 1042]

Eccentric Flange Tap Orrifce is an accurate office calculator software. It is built according to the set BS standard Procedures. This software measures mass flow rate, Volumetric Flow at Standard Conditions, flowing site conditions and local site base conditions, and nozzle dimensions.

Enter the set of required inputs to generate the results. The software is user-friendly and creates flawless results. With a more straightforward interface, the results are not only easy to generate but credible.

Eccentric Corner Tap Orifice [BS 1042]

This state-of-the-art Orifice Calculation Software is an application to determine the eccentric flow. Eccentric corner taps are the orifice plates with eccentric holes. It is used in systems where solids are expected in fluids. 

Petrosof has developed this software following BS Standard Procedures. The operation of the application is convenient. You must enter two sets of inputs, Site conditions and Fluid Properties. Press the calculate button at the bottom to generate results.

Site Conditions contain;

  • Base Temperature 
  • Base Pressure
  •  Latitude(degrees) 
  • Elevation, 
  • Ambient Water 
  • Temperature 
  • Ambient Air Temperature
  • Relative Air Humidity
  •  Pipe and Orifice Size 
  • Pipe Size D, Pipe Schedule 
  • Pipe Material
  • Orifice Size(d)
  • Orifice Material
  • Transmitter Data 
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Fluid properties include

  • Specific Gravity
  • Viscosity
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Heat Capacity Ratio and more

Quarter Corner Tap Orifice [BS 1042]

Quarter Corner Tap Orrifce is an Orifice flow calculator application by Petrosof. Believing in maintaining standards, Petrosof has developed this program with the set BS Standard Procedures.  Convenience and relief come along with accurate results when using this app.

Enter a set of inputs and calculate. The results will be displayed instantly. Quarter Corner Tap Orifice allows you to calculate various parameters like nozzle dimensions, Volumetric Flow at Standard Conditions, and more.

Restriction Orifice [ISO 5167-1]

Petrosof covers the orifice flow with its extensive Orifice Calculation Software. Restriction orifice is one of these applications. This app is developed per ISO standard procedures for liquids and gas flow measurement through restriction orifice.

This application has a user-friendly and simple interface. The user must enter the required inputs, click the button at the bottom, and results will be displayed.

Square Edge Corner Tap Orifice [BS-1042 ASME & ISO 5167-1]

Square Edge Corner Tap Orifice is an Orifice Calculator Software developed by Petrosof. Following the ISO, ASME, and BS standards, it is one state-of-the-art that Petrosof has created. The brilliant make incorporation of so many protocols is a roof of accuracy.

The software is further narrowed down into four sub-applications. These are ISO-5167-1, ISO 5617-AD, BS-1042, and ASME.

Users can determine many parameters using this software, such as volumetric flow at standard conditions, mass flow rate, etc. Enter the exact inputs to generate results on this handy software.

Square Edge Flange Tap Orifice [API 14.3, ASME, and ISO 5167-1]

Following standards and accuracy, Square Edge Flange Tap Orrifice is an application by Petrosof. It has been created according to the API, ASME, and ISO Standard Procedures for liquid and gas flow measurement through a square edge flange orifice. 

Like all other Petrosof apps, the application too has a more straightforward interface that promotes convenience and accuracy.

Enter the various inputs that prompt before you. Once done, press the Calculate button to produce results.

Square Edge Pipe Tap Orifice [API-1530 & API 14.3]

This software generates accurate oil and gas flow measurements through a square-edge pipe tap orifice. It is developed according to the famous API 14.3 and API 1530Procedures. Square edge pipe tap orifice is further categorized into sub-applications. This Orifice Calculation Software is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface. You can determine a number of parameters by entering the required set of inputs.

This application is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.An introductory video demonstration is available on the website to facilitate the users. Petrosof ensures safe purchases through a credible online payment mode. The application is downloaded in Zip format once purchased.

It contains an application setup file and an application manual.