Control Valve Application [Steam Service]


Purchase this application through secure online payment channel. After purchase. The application will be downloaded in Zip format. A complete software installation package including application setup file and application manual is provided with download.


Application features:

  • A comprehensive control valve sizing application
  • Offer a wide range of fluid selection
  • Calculate complete valve profile for Max. Min. and Normal flow conditions
  • Allow one click copy paste options of parameters
  • Offer wide range of valve and pipe sizing and selection
  • Offer an extended feature of valve pressure drop calculations for accurate sizing
  • Calculate valve CV, Mac# and velocity profile
  • Calculate pipe velocity and Mac#
  • Determine choke flow conditions of the valve
  • Determine valve flow conditions
  • Offer complete selection of valve characteristics
  • Offer complete valve instrumentation and PV sensing selection
  • Offer quick guidance on valve selection criteria for correct sizing based on the user input
  • Determine valve maximum capacity and bottlenecks
  • Calculate complete range of valve %age opening within flow range
  • Draw valve installed and inherent characteristic curves
  • Warn users on incorrect inputs and other errors for complete flow range
  • Indicate calculation status on successful completion