Control Valve Application [Steam Service]


Purchase this application through secure online payment channel. After purchase. The application will be downloaded in Zip format. A complete software installation package including application setup file and application manual is provided with download.


Application features:

Control valve for steam service is designed and developed for the comprehensive sizing valve sizing. Application includes the steam tables to boost the performance of application and help user to quickly define the process inputs related to steam parameters by reducing the number of manual inputs. further application has below main features.

  • Application includes manual along with the setup file which can be accessed from Help menu.
  • A comprehensive control valve sizing application.
  • Calculate complete valve profile for Max. Min. and Normal flow conditions.
  • Allow one click copy paste options of parameters.
  • Offer wide range of valve and pipe sizing and selection.
  • Offer an extended feature of valve pressure drop calculations for entire range of flow from minimum to maximum to predict the accurate sizing.
  • Calculate valve CV, and velocity and other essential valve parameters.
  • Determine choke flow conditions of the valve.
  • Determine valve flow conditions.
  • Offer complete selection of valve characteristics.
  • Offer complete valve instrumentation and PV sensing selection.
  • Offer quick guidance on valve selection criteria for correct sizing based on the user input.
  • Determine valve maximum capacity and bottlenecks.
  • Calculate complete range of valve %age opening within flow range.
  • Draw valve installed and inherent characteristic curves.
  • Draw valve inherent and installed Gain curves.
  • Draw valve pressure drop for entire flow range.
  • Produce valve results in tabulated form.
  • Produce steam properties of valve inlet and outlet conditions in tabulated form.
  • Warn users on incorrect inputs and other errors for complete flow range.
  • Indicate calculation status on successful completion.