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Industrial Gas Flow Equations


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Application Features:

This application is developed for natural gas flow estimation in pipeline and final delivery pressure based on applicable flow equations. Two options are provided, to calculate final delivery pressure, flow must be known and to determine the flow, final delivery pressure to be provided as input. Also, gas compressibility, viscosity and pipeline friction factor can be provided as input or program can calculate these parameters based on the governing equation programmed in the application

There are nine flow governing equations programmed in the application. These equations are as follows:

1-      General gas equation

2-      Weymouth gas equation

3-      Institute of Gas Technology equation

4-      Panhandle A gas equation

5-      Panhandle B gas equation

6-      Mueller gas equation

7-      Fritzche gas equation

8-      Spitzglass low pressure (P<1 psig) gas equation

9-      Spitzglass high pressure (P>1 psig) gas equation

Application is designed to calculate the pressure drop and flow through a series of pipeline of different pipe size. Application determines the equivalent pipe diameter for all the series pipelines of varying size. Application also determines the critical downstream pressure and calculate choke flow scenario in pipeline for all gas equations.

Also, Beggs and Brill equation is used for gas compressibility and Carr Kobayashi Burrows equation is used for gas viscosity and Colebrook equation is used for friction factor. Application is developed with great care and warned for all possible errors however, accuracy of results based on provided inputs by users.

Users are prompted about the limitations of the programs in the message bar on the screen.

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Software is compatible to install and run on Windows 95-2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.